Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tech Organization

For one of my graduate classes we were talking about training.  I decided to focus on digital organization.   There are so many wonderful sites and posts about apps, programs, lessons, making the digital shift and so much more.  However, I felt like I was hard pressed to find anything about digital organization.  On Pinterest it only takes a few seconds to find lots of examples of classroom organization but where is the tech organization?  I am not a naturally organized person so I was extremely blessed to work with a very tech savvy and organized person my first year of 1:1 teaching.  Without her, Shawna Slaton, I would lose more precious class minutes.  I think one of the most basic things a 1:1 teacher needs to learn is how to organize all of their daily tools so they can access them in the fewest amount of "clicks".  So in saying that I focused my sample training example on setting up bookmarks.  My training is based on Macbook and Safari but I think it could easily translate over to PC.  I hope this is helpful.

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