Thursday, August 7, 2014

EDpuzzle Embedding

This is an example of how to smash a Ted Talk with Edpuzzle and embed in Blogger.  EDpuzzle allows teachers to create interactive videos for students.  This is perfect for flipped lessons, sub days, and self-directed learning.


1) First go to EDpuzzle.
2) View the teacher tutorial to learn more about EDpuzzle or view this video.
3) Then sign-up or sign-in. (You can sign-up/in with Google!)
4) Create a new video by either uploading a video or using a pre-created video from popular sites like YouTube, TedEd, and Khan Academy.
5) Crop, add a voice over, add voice comments throughout, add quiz. (The quiz feature can be used to add quiz questions, discussion topics, and/or notes throughout the video.  The video will pause and students will have to answer your question before moving on in the video.)
6) Then create a class and add your video as an assignment.
7) Give students the class code to join your class.