Monday, June 22, 2015

Today's Meet (back channel) on Blogger

Do you use blogs in the classroom? Does your LMS have html embedding? Did you know you could get a embed code from a Today's Meet and have students back channel directly on a blog page?  Check out options below.

So how does it work?  Follow the next steps to embed Today's Meet in your Blogger or LMS (html supported).

1) Go to Today's Meet and sign-up. (It has Google sign-up. Yay!)
2) Open a new room by completing the steps pictured below.

3) Create a nickname and then post your first post to the back channel.

4) Click on Room Tools below the "Listen" box.
5) Click Embed>Live Stream>Other>Copy.

6) Now you have a copy of the embed code saved.  Go to your Blogger post and switch to html view.

7) Paste the code and hit update.
8) You're finished! Now blog viewers can participate in your back channel.

SCSD2 NOTE: This also works in the Canvas LMS using the html view of the rich text editor.