1:1 with FACS - Family and Consumer Science

Round Table Presentation for 2014 IN FACS Conference
Presenter:  Beth Walton
School:  Scottsburg High School

Overview:  1:1 with Interpersonal Relationships will demonstrate how a teacher can move their Interpersonal Relationships class (or other FACS classes) to a 1:1 teaching environment.  Teachers will have access to "take and use" resources and lessons for their classrooms.  IPR is my personal passion because I feel that it provides students with tools to have better families and happier lives.  The main platform (or LMS) used in our district for content is My Big Campus.  

Since submitting my Round Table application I have decided to include more 1:1 teaching resources for various classes and digital organization.  All links and information are provided on the Fantastic FACS blog.  goo.gl/bmCWzl

How To/ Informational:

Digital Organization - Bookmarks & Bookmarklets
Digital Curation
1:1 Questions via Twitter


Home Page for Fantastic FACS
Beth Walton's Pinterest 
Beth Walton's Twitter  - I do not tweet much except for sharing pictures of class events.  I mostly use Twitter at this point to gather information and resources.

My Big Campus Lessons:

The Quest for Love  (IPR)
Personality (IPR)
Food Supply   (Adv. Nutrition)
Final Project (Intro. to Housing and Interiors)
           Alexis's Project from Spring 2013
Why Teach (Education Professions)
Why School (Education Professions)

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