Thursday, March 20, 2014

1:1 Teachers are Curators: Curating with Pinterest

Content and Curation

Pinterest for Educators

Everyone is curating these days…

  • One of the questions people ask when starting 1:1 teaching is, "Where do you get your stuff (content)?".  At first it was difficult but you must build a learning network beyond a Google search.  Another question that is often asked is, "Doesn't it take a lot of time?".  The simple answer is YES.  The last three years have been a labor of love.  In our first year of 1:1 we were encouraged to start with one class.  I began with the class I have taught most frequently and have the most passion for, which is Interpersonal Relationships. To reduce time spent building a digital curriculum one of the things you need to do is have more relevant information coming to you and a good way to organize that information.  This is where Pinterest was so helpful to me.  It allowed me to follow people so that I would have relevant information fed to me on a regular basis.  Also, when I found great information on the web or through the FACS listserv I could save it to the correct board using the Pin It button.  See the information below about curation and Pinterest.  

    . . . the power of change.

    As you watch this video, think about your classroom and your textbook.  How relevant are they to the 21st Century job market?  How could you change the learning landscape of your classroom to prepare your students more effectively for the types of tasks they will be asked to do in the "real world"? (this portion is from an SCSD2 training bundle)

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